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My inspirations

Music is the soundtrack of our dreams. It has the power to lift our spirits, inspire our hearts, and guide us towards our wildest aspirations. Never give up on your dreams, for the sweetest music is yet to be heard.

Sweden got talent 2019

Participating in Sweden's Got Talent at just 10 years old was an unforgettable experience for me. I was filled with both excitement and nerves as I stepped on stage, but as soon as I started singing, all my fears melted away. I was surrounded by the music and lost myself in it.

The Golden Buzzer moment was a dream come true, I will never forget the feeling of the buzzer going off and the judges' standing ovation. It was an honor to be recognized by such talented individuals in the industry and it was a moment that I will cherish forever. That experience has taught me to believe in myself and never give up on my dream. I’m so grateful for that opportunity and I will always be thankful for the judges for the trust they put on me."

Matilda the musical

I was honored to play the main role in "Matilda the musical" on Malmö Opera - spring 2019 Such memories for life! Such an experience! Best friends forever! Best musical in Sweden year 2019 and best artist in a Swedish musical

KAR Movie

Adam and Bianca meet at a music camp the summer before seventh grade. Back in everyday life, they keep in touch every day through their mobile phones. They become each other's best friends, or are they perhaps more than friends?

Together, Adam and Bianca create covers of songs they love. For example Finest without filter, Shallow & Perfect.

KÄR will be broadcast on SVT Play with a new episode every day from the premiere on August 19th until the Christmas holidays. A total of 122 episodes.

The main roles are played by Oscar Stembridge and Eva Jumatate.